Bret Harte Bullfrog Football


Bullfrog Football - Lots and lots and lots going on...

Countdown to 1st Kickoff vs. Orestimba at Bret Harte

Why should you play football - A recording about why you should consider playing football for the Bullfrogs. If you are wondering why go through effort to play football, perhaps this will give you some  insight into what the coaches see as positive reasons to play for Bret Harte.

New Players - Please CLICK HERE to download the new player package. This details what is required for new players to join the Bullfrog Football team.

Players Store - The players store is now open at This is a store where players can purchase items for practice and games including team t-shirts, shorts, cleats, girdles, items that they will use on the field.

Email Fundraiser - The team email-based fundraiser is now started and will go through the summer. This is the link to the donation page. To register and enter your emails go to and click on the ‘Campaign Login’ on the upper right. The CID for this event is 89847733. That will take you to the team campaign and you can enter your emails. Please be sure to post the donation page on your social media and ask your friends to post it as well.

2018 Football Program Media Guide - If you are interested in purchasing ad space in the program guide please click here. The link is to a PDF that has the details, schedule, and pricing for getting into the media guide.

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of this.